Integra Planning + Landscape Architecture is an integrated consulting firm that focuses on you, our client—with integrity, dependability, and (of utmost importance) collaboration in each of our relationships.

Integra Planning + Landscape Architecture (INTEGRA+) is DIFFERENT. We started different, we’re organized different, we operate different, we want to be DIFFERENT. We operate with YOU, our client in mind first. Not for profit, not for portfolio material, but you’re our first concern. From the initial client meeting to the last day of construction, we have you in mind. With planning and landscape service offers, INTEGRA+ can work with you from the first day (or even before) that a project is an initial idea.

At INTEGRA+, either Ric or Mike is intimately involved in each project — and will most likely be your point of contact. This one-on-one relationship allows for efficiency, enables us to fully understand each client’s individual goals, and is integral to your project success.

If you’re looking for forward-thinking, thoughtful consultants to work with you on your project, INTEGRA+ is the right choice.

Relationship of planning + landscape architecture

Planning and Landscape Architecture are closely related consultant services that assist clients with an idea and are generally aligned with assisting the client to find solutions. Planners look at the whole picture, including regulations/zoning/policies in place, and landscape architects are expert at looking at an opportunity or problem and defining the best practice for use of the land. Our multi-disciplinary team offers ideas, designs and solutions that, because our close relationship with the client, the site and internal collaboration with each other and client is successful.

Our most successful projects have required our focused team of planners and landscape architects working collaboratively with the client and consulting team to focus planning, design and other considerations. As professionals, we strive to provide maximum benefit to the client, and at the same time, make sure that we are maintaining budgets and schedules. The streamlining of any project occurs when your team understands all of the opportunities and constraints and then can efficiently design the scope of services that you’re looking for, which ultimately saves you valuable time and money.