Our team is expert at assisting both public and private clients and we enjoy the collaboration between the client, other consultants, agencies, the public and others. Our team is expert at getting approvals for our clients, whether it be a land-use change, a use permit, and development application, zoning update, and many others.

For private clients

Our planning services bring all initial stakeholders to the table, including the client, architects, civil engineers, agencies and more. We can coordinate all the expertise needed for your project, provide faster approval timelines and help you get your project approved. We have assisted many clients with pulling together a team of consultants, pre-design work, due diligence, working with the agency, and progressing your project through the approval process efficiently. Due to our long-standing reputation as being a collaborative consultant, our clients love that we can get projects approved much faster than other teams.

For municipal clients

Our principals and staff are expert at engaging the public, because we believe that all citizens have something to contribute to any planning process, and that in order to have them understand the desires of your agency, they need to understand the “WHY”? We have assisted agencies with many aspects, services that range from presenting at public forums, community engagement and organizing community meetings. Our principals are expert at engaging with public participation, working with issues and providing solutions.