Type: Municipal, Streetscape
Services: Landscape Architecture, Construction Observation
Principal In Charge: Ric J. Hendricks, PLA
Client: City of San Ramon, CA

While at NUVIS Landscape Architecture and Planning, Ric Hendricks was the lead designer and principal in charge of Phase 2, 3, 4, and 5 of the Bollinger Canyon Streetscape Widening Project.

The phases totaled nearly 2 miles of streetscape that included the relocation of sidewalks, entry monumentation, tree removal, new bike lanes, pedestrian connections to the existing trail system, median pavers and maintenance bands, park strip, and median planting and irrigation.

In addition to coordination with the City and other consultants, coordination was required within Caltrans right-of-way. The scope of work included preliminary conceptual design, design development, and PS&E. Assistance was also provided to assist the City with obtaining grants for the project.

Bollinger Canyon Road Expansion
San Ramon, California