Type: Residential
Services: Landscape Architecture, Construction Observation
Principal In Charge: Ric J. Hendricks, PLA

Ric Hendricks led the external remodel for this lovely residential home in Lake Tahoe. This project focused on upgrading the yard area and including as many client requests as possible. Additional services covered concept design, construction documents, obtaining permits with the city and TPRA. The INTEGRA+ team took advantage of the beautiful lake views by orienting the outdoor kitchen toward the lake. Natural stone paving compliments the earthy color palette surrounding the home and yard and provides a foundation for the large outdoor kitchen.

The outdoor kitchen celebrates the lakeside views while residents use the built-in barbeque, firepit, double beer taps, refrigerator, full sink, and granite countertops. We also installed a large spa and flagpole upon client’s request. While the plumbing for sink and gas lines for the barbeque and firepit presented difficulties, the final product achieved the aesthetics and elements our client wanted.

Lakeside Residence
South Lake Tahoe, California