Type: Hospitality Services
Services: Planning and Landscape Architecture
Principal In Charge: Michael A. Cook, PLA
Client: Sarah Anderson, Owner

Under new ownership, Ramekins Culinary School, Event Center, and Inn retained the services of Michael Cook to provide guidance, consultation, and planning services to achieve their ultimate vision for the property. Ramekins were interested in developing an outdoor event center space and were required to proceed through the city of Sonoma Planning Commission, Design Review Committee, and Building Department in order to complete their project.

"...Michael's knowledge of plant material and irrigation technology enabled our property to receive a grant from the Sonoma County Water Agency, numerous awards for water-conservation, and demonstrate that native gardens are beautiful. He also worked with us to develop a sustainable garden that we use every day to supply our culinary school and event kitchen. We truly enjoyed working with Michael." —Sarah Anderson, Owner

Sonoma, California