Type: Municipal
Services: Landscape Architecture
Principal In Charge: Ric J. Hendricks, PLA
Client: Ruben Hernandez, Planner

Nestled within the 21 separate subdivisions of the 2,773-acre Master-Planned Community of Gale Ranch in San Ramon, California, this neighborhood park and the aquatic facility provides the local residents of the Rose Garden neighborhood a visually stunning oasis to play and recreate. Two adjacent parcels in the center of the neighborhood provided the perfect venue for a secluded get-away near to home. As part of a high-density neighborhood within the distinctively themed development, this 1.3-acre park and aquatic facility enhances the community which also includes an 11.5-acre commercial plaza, schools, sports fields, and connections to regional bike and hiking trail systems.

As Project Manager, Ric Hendricks was intimately involved from the design concept all the way through construction observation. The park includes modern play equipment for children 5-12 and a separate playhouse for younger children. In addition, Ric designed a custom interactive water and sand feature which includes ADA access and varied heights for all ages. Low curved seat walls with engraved alphabet separated the play areas while allowing rest areas for toddlers and parents alike. A large turf area provides a great common area to play catch or toss a frisbee. Two mirrored arbors with a seat wall on the perimeter provide shade and viewing areas for parent supervision. The aquatic facility includes a 1,600 S.F. pool and 5,000 S.F. of pool deck area. A pool house with changing rooms and showers provides users with comfortable accommodates during their leisure activities. A large pergola provides shade on one side of the pool while the other side is left open for sunbathers.

True to its name, roses were used to enhance the recreational experience. Both shrub and climbing roses were used to offer visual interest and a more formal appearance to the setting. The roses also provide an added security around the perimeter pool fencing and walls. The park and pool facility have become a weekend staple for the local area residents. Families enjoy the proximity and seclusion of this park and it has added value to their lives.

Rose Garden Park
San Ramon, California