Type: Subdivision, Multi-Family
Services: Landscape Architecture
Principal In Charge: Michael Cook
Client: ABS Construction

Michael Cook assisted with master planning and designing the landscape plans and Ric Hendricks completed construction documentation, furthering details and specifications of the plans. During the public process, the development was approved with many amenities, including picnic/BBQ areas, a bocce ball court, basketball courts, playgrounds, dog park and a walking path that is part of a regional trail connecting American Canyon to Napa. The 14-acre residential development also includes an aquatic center with a community center, BBQ facility, and fire pits. With the restrictions of high-voltage electrical lines and an earthquake fault that runs through the property, Mike and Ric masterfully designed the amenities around the constraints of the project.

Over the course of 8 years, Michael worked in close collaboration with the developer and the city to provide amenities that met city requirements while attracting new residents. The developer started building the project in 2019 and we provided construction administration throughout the whole process, reviewing submittals and approving change orders. Construction is on budget and our plans have been praised for accuracy and detailing.

Village at Vintage Ranch
American Canyon, California