Type: Municipal
Services: Landscape Architecture
Principal In Charge: Michael A. Cook, PLA
Client: Kassie Wall, President

Michael Cook partnered with the Asti Road Park Project organization to entice the City of Cloverdale to build a park along Asti Road. It’s the perfect location for a community park, dog park, skate park, and little league field. Upon developing several concepts for the park organization, the team developed one probable master plan. We completed a feasibility study within City limits, including parcel size, park acreage per person, financial considerations, and the financial capability of the organization. Our master plan and feasibility study were reviewed by the Parks Subcommittee of the City Council, the Planning Commission.

Ultimately, City Council directed staff to investigate multitudes of funding sources from the City, County, and State to further develop the park master plan and Feasibility Study to assure the City Council that this park should be a part of Cloverdale’s future. City Staff took over the process from the organization and the city and the organization worked hand-in-hand with our assistance.

Asti Road Park Project
Cloverdale, California