Type: Subdivision, Multi-Family
Services: Landscape Architecture, Construction Observation
Principal In Charge: Michael A. Cook, PLA
Client: Dan Hughes, Delco Builders

While working for another firm, Principal Michael Cook was responsible for developing a 3-acre park and associated landscaping with a 42-unit townhome development located close to downtown Novato in Marin County. The units fronted onto the park and the park included a playground for children ages 5-12 complete with a swing set, a walking path throughout the park. Essential in the layout of the park was saving three 100-year-old native oak trees.

Now approximately 12 years old, Atherton Ranch Townhomes has grown in and settled nicely into the larger environment of Novato. A large grass area serves the community for recreation and on any given weekend, soccer and football games are actively being played.

Atherton Ranch
Novato, California