Type: Single-Family
Services: Landscape Architecture, Construction Observation
Principal In Charge: Michael A. Cook, PLA
Client: Confidential

A streamlined remodel with a sense of place, this beach house overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Located on the top of “The Bluff” in Bolinas, our brief was to provide something that would reflect the aesthetics of the sleepy beach town of Bolinas, but with a modern flair. Grasses in great sweeps that go dormant during the summer create a casual garden feel and is a nod to our famous golden hills. The strong geometry is softened by drifts and swaths of grasses, framing the grand view of the ocean.

It's not all about the grasses in this garden: weathered steel and succulents make bold statements throughout the garden, complementing their natural counterparts. Salty air and hungry animals (deer, gophers, birds) are a challenge in this garden, but we met these challenges with plants that could stand up to this tough environment and provide year-round beauty with little maintenance and stop the erosion that has begun centuries ago.

Blufftop Residence
Bolinas, California