Type: Municipal
Services: Landscape Architecture
Principal In Charge: Michael A. Cook, PLA
Client: County of Marin, Cam Isaza/Stephen Petterle

Our firm was hired under two separate contracts with the united goal of water conservation. To design future comprehensive projects for the campus, the County needed an overall mapping and assessment of the existing irrigation system and landscape plantings.

Michael compiled state-of-the-art GIS mapping information into a dataset that was surveyed onsite in a detailed and precise manner. Surveyed data points were post-processed into an interactive GIS map that allowed staff to select specific areas or specific plants on a site and reference a data table associated with that item. The dataset displays all source information including the product ID, plant name, plant health, plant water use, plant canopy. From these data points, we were able to designate areas of future projects to the areas of highest demand.

Michael prepared an overall master plan to depict the tree canopy cover and prioritize areas for improvement. A majority of the effort was put into the pedestrian circulation studies and how to connect the different areas of the Marin Civic Center Campus, including the historic Civic Center building, Lagoon Park, Children's Island, Veterans’ Memorial Building and County of Marin Conference Center. At over 55 acres, the Marin Civic Center Master Plan covered a large area with preliminary layout and circulation routes.

Marin Civic Center
Marin, California