Type: Municipal, Demonstration Garden
Services: Landscape Architecture
Principal In Charge: Michael A. Cook, PLA
Client: Jen Santos, Deputy Department Manager

As a consultant to the City of Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks Division, Michael assisted the City of Santa Rosa and Seniors, Inc. (the developers of the project) with construction documentation for new landscape planting and irrigation renovation.

With an existing irrigation system in place where the new building was proposed, Michael worked very closely with the City’s maintenance division in developing a “renovation” plan for the irrigation system and an appropriate plant palette for the building. Requisites for the plant palette were ease of maintenance and consistency with Finley Parks’ existing landscape. The new landscaping featured a bioswale planted with no-mow turf for retaining stormwater on site.

Through several months of developing the construction documentation with the Architect, the firm provided consultation and coordination with all consultants. Even though the City owned the land, and eventually the building, Seniors, Inc. was constructing the Senior Center and installing the improvements. The firm worked through all of the issues accompanied by multiple owners and interests and developed a plan that was accepted by both sides.

Finley Senior Center
Santa Rosa, California