Type: Municipal, Streetscape
Services: Landscape Architecture, Construction Observation
Principal In Charge: Michael A. Cook, PLA
Client: City of Pittsburg, California

The firm provided planning and design services to the City of Pittsburg for the
Gateway Project, a mixed-use development located at the entrance to Old
Downtown Pittsburg. As the gateway to the newly rejuvenated Old Town area,
which the firm also designed, the project serves as precedence for future
redevelopment in downtown Pittsburg.

The firm was responsible for the design of pavements, accessible ramps and
facilities, parking and street design, accessible parking, street lighting, site
furnishings (benches, railings, accent paving, trash and recycling containers, bike
racks, etc.), planting and irrigation. The Gateway Project sets the standard for
downtown area redevelopment as one of the first to utilize the guidelines provided
for in the downtown master plan.

The firm worked with the City and project developer to create the style and feel that
the downtown merchants and residents desired through careful selection of paving
materials, furnishings, landscape plants, amenities and color palettes.

Pittsburg Gateway
Pittsburg, California