Type: Municipal, Streetscape
Services: Landscape Architecture, Construction Observation
Principal In Charge: Michael A. Cook, PLA
Client: City of Pittsburg, California

The firm (as Ralph J. Alexander & Associates) provided planning and design services for the redevelopment of old historic downtown Pittsburg, California. Centered on Railroad Avenue, the project encompassed an approximate area of three blocks by nine blocks and is currently experiencing a resurgence in the redevelopment of buildings and new projects. The firm, along with SZFM Design Studio, prepared Design Guidelines for the redevelopment of the entire downtown and streetscape area including design standards for street trees, planting, paving, site furnishings, signage, fountains, stages, awnings, storefronts, colors and finishes. The guidelines create convertible spaces for special events and provide parking layout, street dimensioning, street lights, plazas, overall street drainage, traffic engineering and the successful integration of usable pedestrian and vehicular spaces throughout the downtown.

This project is ongoing (current fee: $22,500) and will result in complete Construction Documentation for implementation of all above design features. Redevelopment of the entire downtown area is expected. The firm has worked closely with the City to provide guidance to developers who are working on projects downtown in applying the standards we have established through our Design Guidelines. The end result is successful integration of multiple projects as they relate to the overall redevelopment of downtown Pittsburg.

Pittsburg Downtown
Pittsburg, California