Type: Municipal, Streetscape
Services: Landscape Architecture, Construction Observation
Principal In Charge: Michael A. Cook, PLA
Client: Larry Morgan, Director

A vision of over 15 years, the Redding Redevelopment Agency was determined to turn their “miracle mile” (N. Market Street) into a vital arterial street leading into Downtown Redding. A primary goal for the redevelopment project was to attract new visitors to the downtown shopping district. N. Market Street was called “miracle mile” because, if you looked, you could find just about anything, including a variety of businesses that were associated with crime.

Through approximately 3 years of community workshops and stakeholder meetings, the City’s Redevelopment Agency retained the firm to assist with conceptual design and planning for the median and streetscape along the store facades.

Pleased with the attention to detail, guidance, and project management the firm provided, approximately a year and a half into the process the firm was retained to produce construction documentation: planting, irrigation, drainage, and electrical drawings. Michael played a large part in the documentation of this project through the year and a half that the firm was working on it. The firm also provided construction assistance including bidding and bid comparisons, RFIs, RFQs, addenda, and construction observation as well.

North Market Street
Redding, California