Type: Municipal
Services: Landscape Architecture
Principal In Charge: Ric J. Hendricks, PLA
Client: Ruben Hernandez, Contra Costa County

This 3.6-acre park is situated in the Alamo Creek sustainable community development in Danville, California. Through its unique land plan and innovative water conservation pact with East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD), it received the Project of the Year award for Sustainable Land Development Visionary.

Ric was the Project Manager, overseeing landscape architecture design for 13 models across 676 single-family lots, part of 923 residences in a 600-acre site. Within Alamo Creek, 275 acres are protected open space and 25 acres are devoted to parks and recreational facilities including a Soccer Complex, Aquatic & Community Center, and connections to the East Bay Regional Parks trail system, all of which were designed and managed by Ric Hendricks. The scope of services included alternative design scenarios, conceptual design, design development, construction documents, material selection, statement of probable construction cost, and construction observation

Ric developed this odd-shaped parcel into the largest park in the development with inclusive elements for all participants. Central seating allows parents to easily supervise their children and ample picnic/barbeque venues provide space for family and group gatherings. A custom restroom building doubles as the maintenance crew headquarters and central command center for the developmentā€™s irrigation system.

Alamo Creek Park
Danville, California